Anonymous asked:
hey came across your page and I followed you a while ago but you stopped posting! Any chance of seeing anymore videos from you? Loved your blog when you had it running!

ahh thank you! i know i miss posting as well! i promised to do videos again and when i planned to my daughter was in the hospital so it pushed that further away. i will get around to it asap hopefully! thanks for your support! :)

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Anonymous asked:
that's great I think that your videos were the best and you were always so upbeat and happy. I hope that you do them this week!

aw thank you! truly means a lot. can’t wait to get one up!

Anonymous asked:
Are you gonna start making videos again! Loved your ootd!

yes i am! i’ve been so busy but i am trying to get one up no later than sunday! thanks for the support! :)



Watch: What Syria’s war would look like here

What would it be like if the U.S. was war torn like Syria? A new video by international NGO Save the Children imagines just that, through the eyes of a young girl:

The disturbing video features shots of the girl as she goes about her normal life over the course of a year. The video begins and ends with the child celebrating her birthday. Between shots, we see how her life changes dramatically as war ravages her country.

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Anonymous asked:
Do you get a lot of people who try to copy you or your lifestyle? Like who imitate you?

i’m not vain enough to think that way about everyone, or look out for people who might be. but if they do or don’t that’s their business i suppose lol. all i can continue to do is go about my life as i do already :)

Anonymous asked:
will you startup your YouTube channel now that you're back on here now? I hope so! I loved your outfits and what not! If you do you should do something mom related as well for all the rest of us Mommas! Like stuff to do with your kids or like parenting situations and how to handle stuff!

i have been wanting to for months now! i just might sometime this week! and yes definitely; that is exactly how i wanted to come about it. more “mom” like! lol. please keep a look out, i will post videos on here as well! thank you for requesting :)

Anonymous asked:
what's the biggest optical you and your boyfriend have faced and how do you overcome big fights?? I need I work on that with mine! You guys seems so happy!

You name it, we’ve been thru it. Honestly, it’s not easy. At the end of the day you have to decide if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. We decided it was and we had to let go of all bullshit and become better people to be better to each other. If it is worth it to you; you have to push past the bad and fight for the good. We aren’t perfect but we work at it everyday. Every relationship has its hardships, it’s how you handle then that define your relationship. Good luck :)

Anonymous asked:
Just out of curiosity how many children do you have? Your such a beautiful mom!

I have two that I birthed, and one that is my stepchild; but I treat as my own. So in total, three! Lol. Thank you!

I think the saddest thing someone could ever please don’t leave me.
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