Anonymous asked:
So I'm in college and I have a bf of 5yrs. Recently I met this guy at school and he's such a sweet and caring guy. We've grown to like each other but idk what to do. I can't keep leading him on and I can't leave my bf. what should I do?

Stop talking to the new guy. Never leave someone you love for someone you like. I know it feels new and exciting but that lust and those butterflies will fade and it can’t be worth what you’ve built for 5 years with your bf. Idk if you are feeling “comfortable and complacent” and that’s why it feels so good to talk to the new guy but I have been there at one point and I seriously regretted it and couldn’t believe I was willing to sacrifice something real for something unknown. Good luck!

rondeauxalazar asked:
I agree with anon down there that said you're inspirational. I've always admired you because you're an outstanding mother; my mom had me when she was 17 so I recognize a great young mom/woman when I see one. also, you anthony and your 3 little ones represent the all-American family to me. there aren't too many people in their teens or early 20s that are so self-sacrificing for their families while still maintaining a fulfilling life and you guys seem to be doing a pretty good job of doing it. 🐘

This is seriously amazing, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me. It’s so refreshing to receive compliments on my mothering and overall person. It definitely hasn’t been an easy road but I wouldn’t change the course I’m on for anything. My family is worth all the sacrifices I could make. Thank you again for always giving me the greatest praise! I appreciate you :)

Anonymous asked:
Are you on any Primetime shirts? Or any shirts because I saw a guy with a shirt that had a girl on it and it looked just like you!

I’m only on one shirt that I know of, it was a boxhead brand shirt and it was the photo of me with all the jordans saying “I gave up everything for sneakers.” I wish I was on more though, that was such a cool experience! ^.^

Anonymous asked:
Awe! Why'd you delete everything? Not that I'm a stalker lol but you're just so inspirational and your pics brighten my day.

I didn’t like the fact that having multiple social sites took time away from my day by checking them constantly…I’d rather spend that time with my kids. I just share an IG with my fiancé now!

gearsofhearts asked:
You're beautiful

You’re very sweet! Thank you so much :)

Anonymous asked:
Did you delete your Instagram?

Yes! I deleted everything but tumblr. 😔


Sunset Trail on Flickr.
Anonymous asked:
I just want you to know you are such an inspirational woman!

Seriously, thank you so much! It means a whole lot to me. :)

Anonymous asked:
Did you get a lot of stretchmarks when you were pregnant? I have so much and I never did before I feel like my body is ruined that may sound vein but it's true :( they are dark and I don't know how to be confident with them

I have a good amount of stretch marks. It’s crazy to think they are the only proof I have left on my body that I created life, twice. Think of it like that instead of them being a burden. Not everyone can have children, so embrace them as a sign you are blessed. There are creams and things to lighten them if need be. With time they get better I promise!

Anonymous asked:
For your questions for me it like makes me ask on anon 😒 lol. I'm chelsea! Anyways I've been following you for a while and I just want to say you're very beautiful admirable girl! I look up to you and only know you through your blog and old blog! Lol hope that's not weird!

Hi, Chelsea! Thank you very much! Haha no worries at all, I don’t find that weird. Thank you for following ☺️

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been cheated on? Do you believe ppl change? How did you cope?

Yes, yes…and coping is just forgiving. Never forgetting but learning to live with certain things that may hurt to think about…we all grow and change with time.

Anonymous asked:
I started dating my bf and soon after we ran into some issues with my dad which resulted in him getting kicked out of our hs. He didn't graduate because he started working and is getting paid really well. He still hasn't finished & sometimes I'm ashamed to tell people when they ask if he goes to school. I'm in college now and I feel like we're not on the same "level." Is that completely stupid? I just feel like he's not going to aspire to much but I love him and don't want to leave.

Eh, that’s tough. I feel like if you really love him you should push and encourage him to better himself. Don’t leave when things are rough or he is struggling. I stayed with mine throughout many hardships. When he was jobless, a dropout, making money on the streets, with a kid I pushed him to be a better him. Since being with me he went back to school, graduated with A’s, became more involved in his daughters life, got a real job, went to college, bought new cars, had our beautiful children, bought us a home, etc. If you truly love him talk to him about how you feel and help push him to success. You should be a team not leading two different lives that are forcing you to be resentful for his lack of success.

Anonymous asked:
How do you deal with baby nana drama if you have any? I read on one of your posts you're a step mom? My boyfriends mother of his child is crazy and sometime try's to withhold his son from him. I love him but I'm sick of her craziness

There’s really no “dealing” either accept that situation or leave it. It will never change, trust me. Once they’re left as just a “babymama” they will always hate whoever their ex is devoting their life and time to. My fiancé gave me a home, a car, a ring, and two boys. Some people will never get over it not being “them” who were given ALL.