Anonymous asked:
so like if his boys took him out and he got like a lap dance from a stripper it wouldn't bug you? Am I crazy for letting it bug me?

Well yeah it would but that’s what I mean by saying he wouldn’t do anything that would disrespect me and our relationship. He’s not into strippers anyways so I don’t have to worry about it thankfully. Lol. But if he was it would not be an option, just like it wouldn’t be an option for me to be at a male strip club and get a dance. Ya know?

Anonymous asked:
Do you let your fiancé have guys night outs? And do you let him go to strip clubs? My guys not into strip clubs but his cousins and brothers can never just have an innocent night out so I'm always worried when he does go out.. How do your system with your guy work? Btw followed your old blog glad you're back lol I'm anon cause I'm embarrassed of my question lol

My fiancĂ© is allowed to do whatever he wants, but he would never do anything that he wouldn’t think I’m comfortable with. Last time his friends invited him to a strip club he invited me too lol because he knew I would have fun also. But honestly in the past year and a half he has not wanted to go out, he likes being home, as do I. Sometime I go out for a drink at a Restaurant but he likes being home hanging out with friends, going to the gym, maybe having a couple of beers. He would rather work overtime on weekend nights to make more money than go out now though. But if he WANTED to do something I wouldn’t stand in his way, I trust him. But I know certain things make women uncomfortable and that is where you have to rely on your bf to make the respectful choice to go or not based on how you feel or to maybe even invite you along!

Anonymous asked:
how would you deal with another women coming at your man?? My boyfriends ex is always hitting him up and he lets her know to leave him alone but she doesn't stop.

Hmmm…maybe have him block/restrict her phone number & blocked calls so that she cannot continue to bug him? That’s sounds so annoying I am so glad those days are over for me! Two kids, a house and a ring later no one even bothers with us, it’d be in vain. But sorry you have to deal with it now!

Anonymous asked:
Do u still keep in touch with drizzy?

No, but would have been awesome to be able to! I do however talk to his DJ from time to time but not in a long while. Such a good memory though!

Anonymous asked:
Has anyone told you you look like Melanie Iglesias?

Maybe one person when I did my Mickey Mouse photoshoot, lol. But I do/did not see it!

Anonymous asked:
i seen on your last IG that you're a step mom? I am dating a guy also who has a kid and idk really how to handle it so far. I love the kid but it's hard getting over my boyfriends past and how I wanted to be his first everything. How do you deal with it? Advice?

Yes, I am a step-mom! Honestly there is no “getting over it” only accepting what is and making the most of it. In a perfect world we would have met the love of our lives as kids and grown up best friends then fallen in love or something but this is our reality and it’s imperfectly perfect. Just know that YOU are his future and if you feel the same about him then you just accept all that comes with loving him, which is his past. But just remember it is his PAST he is with you now, there is just a beautiful little soul involved. More to love and another way to prove your devotion and commitment! It gets easier!

Anonymous asked:
How did your fiancé propose to you?

A tad long to write out, but I will just say he proposed beautifully, privately and intimately. It was perfection and a moment him and I will always share and cherish together.

Anonymous asked:
out of all hair colors you've had what's your favorite? & also I see a lot of others have asked but any change of a new video since you're back on here?

Chocolate brown and blondish light brown! I’m thinking of going light again! Lol. And yes definitely once I get the free time I’d need. :)

Anonymous asked:
What do you use to fill in your eye brows? In your avi picture? They look so good!

Thank you so much! I use a pencil thats a shade lighter than my hair, and trace the bottom of my eyebrow then with an angled brush I smudge the pencil throughout the rest of my eyebrow then lightly brush/blend my eyebrows up with an eyebrow brush. :)

Anonymous asked:
can you make a blog or video about being a new mom and the experience it was for you? :)

Yes that sounds like an awesome video idea. I would love to!

Anonymous asked:
Any chance of a new video ?

Soon I promise! Just hard to do with a home, hubby and kids lol. But I am wanting to shoot again asap!!

Anonymous asked:
Can you make a video on maternity outfits you wore while pregnant and how to make them cute? Also maybe like mothering tips relationship advice or anything like that!

Yes of course! I just got a new lens for my camera so hoping to shoot finally this weekend! Definitely will base my channel now on the mom/married life!





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