i need to get fucked by something other than my life

Anonymous asked:
Last night I had a really bad dream. It was about my bf and best friend and they were going behind my back to be together. I know it wasn't real but it felt like it and now idk what to think. Like do you believe this dream has some meaning behind it?

They usually say realistic bad dreams are things you are worried about or afraid could happen. But I really wouldn’t read TOO much into it. It’s just something your head drew up. If you really are concerned or cannot get over it i would def say talk to your bf about it.

Anonymous asked:
Do you ever feel like you care more about your relationship than your fiancé? I know you said he works a lot so does he like ever just come home and sleep and not really spend time with you?

I mean yes and no. I know he cares, sometimes he can’t always show it. We’re human; nobody’s perfect. I just let him know when I feel he’s slipping up, lol.


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I know you said you shop everywhere but what is your absolute favorite store you can't live without?


Anonymous asked:
Did you get your gypsy necklace that you're wearing in your default from brandy Melville?


Anonymous asked:
What made you want to get a gypsy tattoo?

A gypsy is a free spirit, and I feel my soul is of such. I’m obviously not a TV type traveling gypsy, that marries at 13 and dresses provocatively…but definitely in the sense of the free spiritedness and wanting to always better myself and am determined to find what I want out of life continuously.

Anonymous asked:
I just want you to know you are such an inspirational woman!

Seriously, thank you so much! It means a whole lot to me. :)

Anonymous asked:
Did you get a lot of stretchmarks when you were pregnant? I have so much and I never did before I feel like my body is ruined that may sound vein but it's true :( they are dark and I don't know how to be confident with them

I have a good amount of stretch marks. It’s crazy to think they are the only proof I have left on my body that I created life, twice. Think of it like that instead of them being a burden. Not everyone can have children, so embrace them as a sign you are blessed. There are creams and things to lighten them if need be. With time they get better I promise!

Anonymous asked:
How do you know so many ppl who went to Apollo? Do you allow ppl to follow you on ig?

Who do I know that went to Apollo? Lol. Well my fiancé’s brother and sister go/went there. & yes only if I know they aren’t a fake profile or trying to follow for someone else lol.

Anonymous asked:
For your questions for me it like makes me ask on anon 😒 lol. I'm chelsea! Anyways I've been following you for a while and I just want to say you're very beautiful admirable girl! I look up to you and only know you through your blog and old blog! Lol hope that's not weird!

Hi, Chelsea! Thank you very much! Haha no worries at all, I don’t find that weird. Thank you for following ☺️

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been cheated on? Do you believe ppl change? How did you cope?

Yes, yes…and coping is just forgiving. Never forgetting but learning to live with certain things that may hurt to think about…we all grow and change with time.

Anonymous asked:
I started dating my bf and soon after we ran into some issues with my dad which resulted in him getting kicked out of our hs. He didn't graduate because he started working and is getting paid really well. He still hasn't finished & sometimes I'm ashamed to tell people when they ask if he goes to school. I'm in college now and I feel like we're not on the same "level." Is that completely stupid? I just feel like he's not going to aspire to much but I love him and don't want to leave.

Eh, that’s tough. I feel like if you really love him you should push and encourage him to better himself. Don’t leave when things are rough or he is struggling. I stayed with mine throughout many hardships. When he was jobless, a dropout, making money on the streets, with a kid I pushed him to be a better him. Since being with me he went back to school, graduated with A’s, became more involved in his daughters life, got a real job, went to college, bought new cars, had our beautiful children, bought us a home, etc. If you truly love him talk to him about how you feel and help push him to success. You should be a team not leading two different lives that are forcing you to be resentful for his lack of success.