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Anonymous asked:
Does your fiances mom like you? Have you had any problems with her before? My boyfriends mom is a very fake women talks shit to me about my boyfriends sister in law and then is super nice to her face. I only wonder what she says about me. I just don't want my son or me to be around ppl like that.

yes, we have a great relationship, very honest and understanding. I can completely be myself with her and if anything we do shit talking together, lol.

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever cheated?

no, i was actually really smart in school. & i always studied, so i never needed to.

gearsofhearts asked:
You're really beautiful

thank you, so much!

Anonymous asked:
What would you wear to a rap concert?! I wanna look real sexy but not trashy/ghetto lol

depends who the performer is! haha who’s concert is it? to kanye’s concert I wore washed ripped jeans, combat boots, a black vneck with a leather pocket, and a flannel around my waist. I got a lot of compliments on it!

Anonymous asked:
What do your days consist of like what's a day in the life of you?

You know, I attempted to type this out for you and when I got to the 15th line and was barely thru the first two hours of my day I knew it would be impossible lol. Just imagine trying to maintain a home, a child in school, an active toddler, a walking one year old, a hardworking husband and balance meals, showers, cleaning, schoolwork, play time, art & crafts and breathing all throughout that.

Anonymous asked:
My boyfriend and I broke Up and I live with him I'm just waiting on him to tell me if he wants to work things out we have a child together. I went through his phone and he had been texting some girl he said he met but he said he has never hung out with her or have done anything with her and he told he would stop texting her it's so hard not to keep asking if he's texting her he says he's not. But he changed the PASSCODE to his phone again I'm just so worried and I feel I can't bring it up

Honestly, I do not want to hurt you by saying this but I would never trust someone who denies and hides. The fact that he changed the code after you went thru it could be because he is hiding something or maybe he doesn’t feel you have the right to look thru it anymore. If he has not made it clear that he wants to be with you then maybe he is straying…boys like to have their cake and eat it too and if he thinks you’ll stay no matter what then he will do whatever he thinks he can. Please keep your heart safe.

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever thought about joining a sorority?

I probably would have if I attended university.

Anonymous asked:
Does your confidence ever get shaken? Do you get worried when your fiancé talks to other women or worry that he has women friends at work? I don't know how to deal with feeling so insecure

He doesn’t talk to other women and he works with only men BUT if he did, we’re at a point we trust one another fully. Of course jealousy is natural but I know who I am and what I have to offer and he knows what he’d stand to lose if he ever strayed. It’s normal to feel insecure, but remember he’s with you for a reason! Do not let the thought of things that could go wrong blur your vision.

Anonymous asked:
I have a bf but I recently got drunk and made out with another guy. I'm terrified to tell my bf bc I know that it'll be the end of us and I don't want to lose him. What do I do?

honestly, you have two options…come clean, and hopefully he can forgive and you two can move on from this - or you can keep this burden of guilt weighing heavy on you, and hopefully never repeat the mistake again. it really is all about how you feel and whether or not you think you’ll do it again. sometimes people don’t need to know things that will break them, but sometimes they do. I cannot really tell you what to do, I’m sorry :(

Anonymous asked:
Does your bf care about the photoshoots you do?

If you mean does he dislike them, no. He encourages me to do whatever I enjoy and is my number one fan. With that being said, all of my shoots are tasteful, some sexy but never trashy. I respect him and myself too much to be anything but.